Thursday, October 7, 2010

You're Radicals! Questions for Mr. Goodlatte and Ms O'Donnell

The Maddow Blog

A Question for Mr. Goodlatte:

If we had privatized Social Security in 2005 and, given the huge losses that would have been incurred to the citizen's retirement accounts, would you have supported a government bailout of the retiree's, both present and future, who would have otherwise had their retirement accounts wiped out?

That of course is a theoretical question. So now sir, do you support the privatization of Social Security? In your view, is this a conservative policy or is it a radical one? How does the privatization of Social Security help safeguard the future of our children and grandchildren?

Would you consign the future generations retirement income to the vagaries of the stock market? You and I know that the only winners are the ones who "let it ride." This is the strategy the US Government uses to fund Social Security. Do you have faith in the United States of America and its ability to insure the welfare of its citizents in retirement? Are the Wall Street investment firms so impoverished that they now need the trillions of dollars that will fund the future well-being of Americans to invest in profits for themselves?

In another political race to the north...

What to make of the O'Donnell campaign… Where are they? No public campaign events, no contact with the media save sanctioned conservative media. Only talking to themselves, only paying attention to themselves, only celebrating with themselves… Sounds an awful lot like group masturbation, no wait! They're against that…


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