Monday, October 25, 2010

I Wouldn't vote for a Republican, Part 3.

I wouldn't vote for a Republican. The current GOP is literally the War Party.  I'm not talking about the military, I'm talking about the domestic war they are currently waging using inflated and overblown rhetoric, a confrontational style, and extremist tribal behavior and commentary on the Fox Cable News shows.
The conservative government that has been in place since 1980, including the 8 years of the Clinton administration, has been waging a long war on the middle class, on poverty, on minorities, on labor, on education, and on our ability to govern ourselves.  The Republican candidates running for office around the country have embraced extreme, radical positions but their actual ability to govern is untested. 
This domestic warfare is funded by a few princely moguls of big business who are trying to buy America.  They are secretly channelling their funds to candidates of their choice who will be their warriors in a government they’ve confounded and stymied by all-out partisan warfare. There they will fight for a dirtier environment, for a hungrier, poorer less educated working class, and a richer, more secure, and smaller corporate elite.  For this reason alone, I would never vote for a Republican.

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