Monday, September 10, 2012

No News? That's Bad News....

The four biggest convention stories you won’t hear about -

...the conventions definitively prove that America’s media crisis has nothing to do with resources and everything to do with journalism — or lack thereof. As evidenced by the army of media folk invading Tampa and Charlotte, news organizations have plenty of money — they are just choosing to cover non-news events like scripted political conventions, and to ignore real news throughout America.
It’s a blockbuster revelation — one that, not surprisingly, will go unreported.
Mr. Sirota is discussing the supposed crisis in journalism that is causing real news to go unreported.  Supposedly, the media is evolving away from everyday print newspapers, beat reporters, on the ground reporting, and truly independent reporting because of lack of resources.  In truth, it is simply the economic rule of our times... It's got to be profitable.  Since it's not really profitable to cover real news like what Mr. Sirota is talking about news goes unreported and media outlets become shills for their corporate sponsors.

This is not surprising... it's how the world of unregulated wealth creation works.  The only news is how much profit have you made for me lately.

"You didn't build that!" - God