Friday, October 15, 2010

372 Bills That Have Been Passed by the House & Not Yet Acted Upon By the Senate (as of 8/23/10) -

372 Bills That Have Been Passed by the House & Not Yet Acted Upon By the Senate (as of 8/23/10) -

I wouldn't vote for a Republican. There are still hundreds of bills that have been passed in the House of Representatives that are awaiting action in the Senate. The Senate Republicans have embraced the political strategy of blocking these bills as long as possible to try and run out the clock on the Democrats currently in the majority. They are absolutely resolute in their commitment to making President Obama and the Democrats look bad. By not allowing even a vote on these items they are succeeding in bringing the business of the government of the United States of America to a complete halt.

This political strategy puts the GOP against such radical proposals as HR 409, Conveying Land to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, HR 548 Civil War Battlefield Preservation Act, HR 577 Vision Care for Kids Act, and HR 603 Utah National Guard Readiness Act. Could this game they are playing be any more obvious?

With Republicans the most important thing is pledging party purity over country, opposing bi-partisan and necessary legislation simply to play out a political strategy, and voting in virtual lock-step against legislation that has been approved by the majority. For this reason alone, I would never vote for a Republican.


Anonymous said...

The same reason I will never vote Democrat.

BlueRager said...

And I would feel the same about Democrats should they ever reach the same level of partisan gamesmanship. The giveaway this time is McConnell's oft stated primary goal of taking down the President, needs of the country ignored.

Please don't tell me that taking down the President is the most pressing problem facing our nation right now!