Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Friends is why it's called Voodoo Economics... It sounds good but, to borrow a GOP talking point from

history... "Where's the Beef?" If Government is the problem, why can't either party suggest any kind of serious beef?

If all it will ever be is "We will cut what THEY want and keep what WE want" the country will lurch from one crisis to the next merrily kareening through history dragging the poor, unemployed, and the the middle class through hell in the process.

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The Cuts in the Republicans’ Pledge

Primary among the proposals in the Republicans’ “Pledge to America” is the promise to cut spending, slash taxes and shrink the government to restore the United States’ fiscal health. How do they intend to do it, and to end the United States’ debt and deficit problems?

That is not actually a plan, of course. It is a plan to make a plan.

First, Democrats put into their own Dodd-Frank law an amendment precisely “prohibit[ing] taxpayers from ever having to bail out the financial sector.” There are no bailouts.

Second, ending TARP is not a serious policy idea, either. The program sunsets on October 3 — about 10 days from now. And it ended up costing less than a tenth of its initial budget.

Third, there are no cuts in this proposal. There are caps on federal hiring, for instance, but nothing that would represent more than tens of billions of dollars in savings — though the United States is trillions of dollars in debt. Republicans say there are duplicative programs that should be eliminated, but do not name one.

But, again, there are no actual suggestions for cuts here. It is all well and good to say you’ll cut the federal budget. It is quite another to start taking away seniors’ Social Security, or families’ school-lunch funding, or farmers’ subsidies, or workers’ unemployment insurance, or bridge-builders’ contracts.


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