Thursday, September 16, 2010

372 Bills That Have Been Passed by the House & Not Yet 
Acted Upon By the Senate
 (as of 8/23/10)

372 more reasons to vote for ABAR. Can the cynical intent of the GOP and the (I'm a Little) Tea Pot Party be more clear?


This is a perfect example of what is causing the anger against incumbents in this year's election cycle. Our government doesn't work, not because of it's design but because of the cynical political manipulations of its membership, specifically the Republican Party.  Never in History has the minority party vowed to shut down government rather than work along side the majority.  The choice is clear.  The GOP is a ruling class and thinks that they should be rightfully in power.  GOP Rule or Governance for Americans?  That's it folks, us or them....

 The GOP is starting to sweat a little as this carefully financed and encouraged movement of angst against the government is starting to swell.  The mainline GOPERS are getting knocked off one at a time as extremists and modern day "no-nothings" gain prominence.  This might even turn into a disaster greater than anything so far imagined.

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