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Cocky GOP? Joan Walsh nails it as the Republicans begin to reveal their agenda.

A spending freeze? Really? by the government? Cut taxes? Really? on whom? Create jobs? How is that going to work again? Like it did in 2000 - 2008? How does this work? Repeal health care? Protect profits? Kill patients? What's that all about?

We are in a recession BECAUSE nobody has any money to spend. BECAUSE the government can spend money, we still have GM and the thousands of jobs that would have been lost. BECAUSE the government can spend, job growth has actually been on the positive side of the graph.

Oops, we aren't in a recession anymore, I just heard that on the news. Wall Street that has recovered nicely from the recession! The Uber Rich have increased their wealth by 8% in the last year (Just heard it on NPR) Main Street? (at least the S&P) 1%. I don't see any improvement and, in fact, the "recovery" looks, sounds, and feels a lot like the "recession." The jobless rate both real and measured is growing.

Cutting taxes IS the jobs programs for the GOP. Dudes! Why is there still a sky high unemployment rate? The rich guys getting all the tax relief are the ones supposed to be creating jobs! Ain't happening yet.... We had better job creation in the 90's.... when.... tax rates... were... higher... Mike Pence you can sit down and be quiet now.

Repeal health care? Damn! The Stoneheads in the Senate (Yes I'm talking about YOU TOO, Blue Dogs) killed it with political obstruction. They did everything possible to blow up Health Care reform. They "won" compromises that made the bill much worse and VOTED AGAINST IT ANYWAY.

Privatize Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? Only one point to make and Rachel Maddow made it via Joan.... Wall Street will charge FIVE TIMES more to take care of your retirement account than the government.

Let's deny coverage. Let's throw people of the health care rolls for getting sick, let's raise premiums to preserve the corporate profitability. Let's make sure that the "Free Market" enslaves the poor, and impoverishes the middle class... GOP, you filled it with s**t and now you want to kill it for stinkin'? Shut up and sit down!

Pledge for America? It's a pledge TO Corporate America. It's a pledge TO the constituency that now controls the majority of the wealth in America. It's a Pledge to continue the repression of the Middle Class and a Pledge to ignore the poor, the unemployed, the immigrants, the students, and the families.

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Privatize Social Security? Hell no!

Cocky Republicans are beginning to spell out their real agenda, and that's great news for Democrats

By Joan Walsh
I'm excited now that Republicans are starting to reveal their agenda for the midterm elections in November. I enjoy the whole Club for Growth push: "Privatize Social Security? Hell, yeah." I love it when right-wingers semi-swear, it seems so manly.
Tonight MSNBC's Rachel Maddow pointed out that Wall Street charges five times as much as the federal government does to manage retirement funds. Besides, President Bush went on a road show to push privatization in 2005 and, well, nobody really showed up at his shows. He went away. I remain stunned by the willingness of mainstream Republicans to tamper with Social Security and Medicare,  as the Tea Party gathers strength around just those issues.
Can a guy who's sent racist and pornographic email really become New York governor? Is this a great country, or what? I'm excited to learn the answer to that, even though I'm pretty sure that it's "Hell, no!"
Then there's Christine O'Donnell.
She's such a grifter it's hard to use that term to describe Sarah Palin any more, who has at least held a few jobs in the last few years.
O'Donnell's taking the Sharron Angle/Rand Paul/Tea Party tack of ignoring national media and pretending to talk to local folks – except most Tea Partiers really don't do either.Read more at

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