Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just another TV Evangelist.... Today anyway..

What will Mr. Beck define himself as tomorrow? Clue... Whatever drives ratings and fills his his purse.

To review: We have a Mormon, to whom God speaks directly, embracing the religious christian right and advising them that President Obama's alleged Liberation theology is a "perversion" of the christian faith. How does this square with the Becksters that are sure Mr. Obama is muslim? What's clear is that Mr. Beck is caught up in some kind of spiritual world of his own creation..

Mr. Beck specifically says he's not trying to be Martin Luther King, then holds a rally on the anniversary of Mr. King's most famous speech, quotes Mr. King's speeches, and proudly announces that he is "taking over" the civil rights movement, reclaiming it for whom? and from whom?

That none of this makes any sense doesn't seem to matter, only that lots of Beckians believe it, that Beck and friends are saying it very often and very loudly, and it must be true because Mr. Beck is getting very wealthy doing it! Sadly, hucksterism has always been profitable in America… Are you one of the idiots who believes anything he says?

I'm going to go talk to God now....


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Glenn Beck's religious rally nothing new

There's always been a big audience in the U.S. for conspiracy theories and religious melodrama

Here we go again. A self-promoting TV evangelist has summoned yet another gullible throng to a Washington pep rally/prayer meeting, and everybody's expected to ponder its vast significance. But what if it hasn't actually got any? Except perhaps as a validation of H.L. Mencken's timeless observation that "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."
Even the estimable David Niewart saw something ominous. "Given the content of Beck's rally," he wrote, "something significant did happen Saturday, and it will affect our discourse going forward: Beck officially and publicly married the tea party movement to the Religious Right. ... That is a deeply disturbing development."
More recently, the same cohort made Tim LaHaye's awful "End Times" novels a huge bestseller. There's always been a big audience in the United States for conspiracy theories and religious melodrama. The apocalyptic theology of the hard-shell denominations where hucksters like Beck and his costar Sarah Palin have their biggest following basically demands it. It's Satan worship one year, secular humanism the next. The latest bogeyman is Islamic fundamentalist Shariah law, an almost purely theoretical threat in the USA.
Which actually constitutes progress. Back in Mencken's day the enemies were Catholics and Jews.

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