Thursday, September 16, 2010

At Last.. and advocate for the Middle Class and the Consumer

I'm very happy that Warren is in and ready to go work. The mention of her name simply makes the fat cats sit up and pay attention. Fact is, no one has been watching the back of the consumer and the middle class during this whole financial meltdown. It's gratifying to see Mr. Obama finally make a gutsy choice. Thank you sir!

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White House Taps Warren To Set Up Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The White House has tapped Elizabeth Warren as a special adviser to help set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, affirming its support for a tough new agency charged with protecting consumers from abusive lenders.

"This news shows that consumers have momentum and are on the verge of winning," said Stephanie Taylor, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, an advocacy group that mounted an aggressive campaign on Warren's behalf. "If Elizabeth Warren is given full power to run the new consumer protection bureau and hold Wall Street accountable, it will mean real change -- and voters will know that going into November's election.

"If this appointment is window dressing and Tim Geithner controls the show," she cautioned, "it would be a big disappointment and a victory for Wall Street. President Obama should make clear that this appointment gives Elizabeth Warren real power to fight for consumers."

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