Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reason to Vote ABAR (anybody but a Republican) Unanimously in denial.

Here's the line in the sand. The GOP unanimously stands in support of dirty energy, of pollution, and in denial of the human impact on the environment. That's a clear and aggressive position and is a GREAT reason to support ANYONE but a Republican this election season.

It's only one of many reasons.... stay tuned.

Amplify’d from thinkprogress.org

REPORT: Grand Old Deniers — Nearly All GOP Senate Candidates Deny Global Warming

castleA comprehensive Wonk Room survey of the Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate finds that nearly all dispute the scientific consensus that the United States must act to fight global warming pollution. Remarkably, of the dozens of Republicans vying for the 37 Senate seats in the 2010 election, only one — Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware — supports strong climate action. Even former climate advocates Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) now toe the science-doubting party line. If Castle loses his primary on Tuesday to Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell, the GOP slate will be unanimous in opposition to a green economy.

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