Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who's in Charge of the Republican Party now?

Who's really in charge of the Republican Party? To paraphrase the house minority leader, John Boehner, "Oh, My, God!" Folks, it's Rush Limbaugh!! Have you checked the voting in Congress today for the Timothy Geithner confirmation as Treasury Secretary? Evidently, according to Politico, right wing talk radio, led by himself truly, flooded Capital Hill with phone calls and messages criticizing the Giethner nomination.

Rush Limbaugh said earlier this month: “Timothy Geithner. I can't let this go. He's the Treasury secretary nominee, and he didn't pay taxes. … This is the drive-by [mainstream media] sentiment: … Geithner is a genius — he's going to save the economy of the entire world. So what if he doesn't pay his taxes? These are serious times. We need the man!"

The final tally, 60 - 34, wasn't close, but it was a step in the campaign to embarass the new president and wage partisan warfare instead of honestly trying to solve the problems that face us.

It's encouraging to see the new Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, stand tall and point out that spending on infrastructure DOES actually need labor and DOES actually put people to work. It's nice to see the media point blank calling out Republican partisans who STILL try to make the case that corporate tax cuts produce more jobs than government spending. [source]

Moody’s Economy.com has calculated that “with the stimulus, there will be 4 million more jobs and the jobless rate will be more than 2 percentage points lower by the end of 2010 than [it would be] without any fiscal stimulus.” An analysis by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, meanwhile, found that infrastructure investment creates more than 60,000 jobs for every $1 billion spent, versus just 10,000 jobs for every billion spent on a corporate tax cut.

It's pretty well known that the Republican version of bipartisanship is "join us or forget it." The stonewalling is comical, insidious, and dangerous to America. The sniping is coming in fast and furious with the constant refrain being to stop Obama recovery plan at all cost. Still bullying, still obstructing, even John McCain voted against Geithner. Taking cues from Rush Limbaugh, [an entertainer, for gosh sakes!], by ranting, crying, and whining all the while unapologetically obstructing every bit of legislation offered by the administration just to embarrass them?? Could their motives any more transparent? How can anyone miss their true intent? Do everything in their power to make sure Obama fails, so Republicans will have a chance in the next election. Do they know that we're in a crisis and that there are some real needs that must be addressed?

This makes me cuss. Something I don't do unless it's important. It's very important for Mr. Obama to begin to understand and play hardball. Every time he caves, Republicans ask for even more. He needs to win concessions FROM them, not just hand concessions TO them. I'm stewing here.....

Need your help here. Put Rush in his place.

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