Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hightower Nails Bush's Greatest Hits

Jim Hightower on Creators Syndicate today gives a perfect summation of the greatest hits of the Bush years. He's responding the work on the "Bush Legacy Project" being led by Karl Rove. They've published a two page memo helpfully highlighting all the things that the Bushies accomplished. The number one? How about upholding "the honor and dignity of his office?" His critique follows:

There's no need to dwell on the negative, but as we wave bye-bye to Bush and Co., it's worthwhile to offer a few of our own bullet points highlighting some of their greatest hits:

— Stealing the 2000 election.

— The Patriot Act.

— "Dead or Alive."

— Pre-emptive war.

— Iraq "will be a cakewalk."

— Weapons of mass destruction.

— "Bring 'em on."

— Troops with no body armor.

— "Mission Accomplished."

— Osama bin Forgotten.

— Abu Ghraib.

— Gitmo.

— Secret renditions.

— Torture memos.

— Walter Reed Hospital scandal.

— "I'm the decider."

— Valerie Plame.

— Scooter Libby.

— Halliburton.

— Blackwater.

— Harriet Miers.

— Alberto Gonzales.

— Fired federal prosecutors.

— Illegal spying on Americans.

— Executive privilege.

— Signing statements.

— Secret energy task force.

— Fake News Releases.

— Cheney shoots a lawyer.

— Tax cuts for the rich.

— More tax cuts for the rich.

— Ditto.

— National debt.

— "Heck of a job, Brownie."

— Minneapolis bridge collapse.

— Global climate change.

— Privatize Social Security

— Veto of children's health care bill.

— No Child Left Behind.

— Deregulate Wall Street.

— Bail out Wall Street.

— Iraqi journalist throws shoe.

— Approval rating down to Richard Nixon's historic low.

It's said that the worst job in the circus is cleaning up after the elephants. As we move on from the Bush years, we can't ignore the messes they left. There's a great deal of cleaning up to do.

Well Spoke!

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