Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who's the 'Fraidy Cat? Updated

Reading Michelle Malkin's passionate advocacy of totalitarianism in her January 22 column printed in the Daily News Record this morning was riveting. First, calling upon all the fears that she can muster, she compares the detainees in Guantanamo to "petty thieves or drug dealers."

Prosecuting suspected terrorists like petty thieves or drug dealers is fraught with peril.

Her assumption, of course, is that Gitmo closes, all of the inmates are herded to the airport, given one way tickets to Pennsylvania and are told to please report to the nearest correction facility for incarceration. This of course is only if they don't make bail posted of course by unnamed terrorist sympathizers within the US.

It gets worse, read on....Here she is, proclaiming al-Qaida's genius and complete invincibility in the face of American jurisprudence.

Confiscated al-Qaida training manuals have revealed that recruits are instructed in how to manipulate the Western legal system if they are captured.

Helpless we are. Powerless in the face of these super-powered, fearsome captives. Oh what shall we do? Of course, we'll just have to torture them! Michelle goes on:

"Other rights guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment — the right to subpoena witnesses and compel them to testify, the right to an attorney — can interfere with interrogations of captured suspected al-Qaida agents."

To finish her rant, she declares her fear that:
"the prosecutions[will] run amok... the jihadists [will] wreak bloody havoc from behind bars.... and Gitmo recidivists [will] wage war anew when released."

So, to review:
• Al-Qaida is much smarter and more intelligent than our own security and law-enforcement agencies.
• Our solution to the Guantanamo closing is to set them free or put them in jail with non-violent offenders and this is just a horrible idea.
• The Constitution MUST be set aside to deal with these despicable folk. They must be tortured and kept away from the reach of the "rule of law!"

Are we afraid yet? Are we afraid enough to give up on our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our legal system? Are we afraid enough to lose trust in our prison system? [The American prison system is only the best, most high tech system, by far, in the world. There are LOTS of mean, despicable, violent criminals safely locked away therein.]

Most of all are we as afraid as Michelle Malkin is? To be this paranoid and this shrill, the level of fear felt by the writer must be off the charts. Has a more eloquent and impassioned plea for TOTALITARIANISM ever been made?

UPDATE 1/29/09 - Jon Stewart nails it! Thanks Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart has an answer for malkin and the scaredy cat rethuglicans. Watch this one, it's rich.

Brent Holl said...

Thanks anon. I've updated the blog post. It's perfect!