Thursday, January 15, 2009

BoilerPlates... and Corrections

The editor talks about "boilerplate" solutions to our economic problems in his op-ed in the Daily News Record this morning. This writer has kindly given us a primer in the standard conservative boilerplate positions. I commend the author for clarity and simplicity. However.....


I am appalled at Mr. Obama’s recent statement that “only government can solve this crisis.”

Get the quote right. It's "only government can solve this crisis [in the short term]" Relax we already know that Obama's not a socialist.

You and the Democrats helped create this mess when you took control of Congress in the 2006 mid-term election. The economy was growing the previous 54 months.

The democrats participated in republican-style bipartisanship [we'll work with you if you do it our way] as they meekly went along with the "less government, tax cut, soak the poor, feed the rich" Republican Congress of 2000-2006. The freight train was careening down the hill and nothing the '06 Congress tried to do could stop it from coming off the track. [Obstructionism from the Republicans didn't help.]

On the Jan. 11 edition of This Week, he said, “everyone must sacrifice.” Many already have, Mr. Obama: higher taxes, job losses, and so-called bailouts.

"Everyone must [continue] to sacrifice" This recession is only about half done. There's more yet to come. We've already sacrificed enough? And you're advocating more of the same?

In a free-market economy, companies succeed and fail. Trying to stop the free market process in the name of “economic stimulus” is nothing more than the expansion of government at the expense of taxpayers.

No one is trying to stop the "Free Market" The free market has stopped itself. The pain we're feeling is because the free market is failing. Hooverites advocate self-correction with it's corresponding cost in pain to society. Send them to the poor houses and prisons, let them face bankruptcy, unemployment, and a higher crime rate as poverty increases....

Less government and lower taxes are the only things that make recovery possible.

Less government and lower taxes HELPED CAUSE this economic collapse.. Let me say that again. LESS GOVERNMENT [little or no regulation on very complex, high profit, high risk, monetary adventurism] and lower taxes [tax cuts implemented by the Bush Administration are responsible for 42% of the current deficit] helped cause this economic collapse.

One only needs to look at the FDR administration to see that Mr. Obama’s plan, the new New Deal, only creates more debt for our grandchildren.

The FDR administration [4 terms] provided leadership through the two defining historical moments of the 20th century, the depression and WWII. The success of the American dream, our economy, and our world class wealth and lifestyle, when compared to the rest of the world, is a blessing and nothing but a history of success.

Piling debt on our grandchildren is what we do. If you insist on placing blame consider the 128 Billion surplus Mr. Bush inherited then consider 500 Billion deficit that Mr. Obama will inherit, not to mention the economic conditions that will force him to raise the deficit to twice that or more.

You are for "less government and lower taxes." So let's see, we've got to cut education, transportation, energy development, health care, infrastructure repair and maintenance, and environmental protection. Oh, and let's not forget the the one point on which we agree. We'll have to add the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force, Blackwater, the Pentagon and the rest of the military industrial complex to your list of "less government and lower taxes." Are you really ready for what you are wishing for?

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