Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Noise Machine to Republicans, "Wimps!"

Timmy Geithner is up in front of Congress today getting grilled about being a "serial tax evader." Essentially, the Right Wing Noise Machine in this case, Michelle Malkin and Newt Gingerich, is calling on the Republican members of Congress to not do the "lemming dance" and stand up an just say no! They are essentially calling the Republicans "wimps" if they let this nomination slide.

Here's hoping the Democrats don't get all cowed and intimidated by being called "wimps" AGAIN. It's just noise, and it's the way the Republicans play politics by ignoring their own foibles and felonies. I say just ignore 'em and move on. They aren't really that concerned about Mr. Geithner. He's demonstrated his worthiness for the job and is widely recognized as one of the few who differed with Henry Paulson in his estimation of the economy last year.

My larger concern is that the Republicans are executing a strategy for the next election cycle. It is in their best interest as a Party out of power to do all they can to obstruct the majority at every turn. If Obama fails, Republicans THINK they win. Let's all watch and see just what their justifications are for blocking future legislation. I think you'll see lots of creative rationalizations. It'll be fun shining the light on their machinations. Stay tuned.

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