Thursday, January 7, 2010

Silliness.....UPDATED BELOW

Just a passing thought as I'm reminded of tonight's exhibition game that some folks are trying to pass off as a National Championship Game in Division I College Football...

Gee, let's play the conference championship game, then let's skip right to the end of the tournament and play the championship game.  We'll just vote among the top 16 - 20 teams and look up some stats and feed them into a really large computer.  That should just about eliminate all the pretenders, who would just be losers anyway and presto!  We let the two "best" teams in the land play a game for the championship!  Yay!

But first, let's let all the "pretenders" plus anybody with a winning record get a nice reward and play an exhibition game that will give each school a nice payday!  Think of how much good we'll do to all the colleges that play the games and no messy upsets to deal with!  And so many winners!    Wow!  Just like "T" ball!  Everyone's a winner!  Yay!

Then let's let the two elected teams sit a wait for a month while all of these exhibition games take place!  Let them get out of shape, and bored.... then, and only then, let them go on national TV and play a meaningless exhibition game, but..... let's call it a National Championship Game!  I mean.... It'll really be a Championship Game, right? We just named it didn't we? Yay!

This is so cool!  I can't wait for the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and the NHL to adopt the same fun system!  We'll just vote for the winner!  Like politics!  Yay!


I just read an interview of the dude who shall remain nameless that is the chairman of the BCS committee.  His rationale is as follows:

"What would happen to all the bowls?" - and the money that is raked in by the bowl committees, the sponsors, and the schools who are invited to play....

"Who would you pick to be in the tournament?  If you are going to pick 16, won't you still be excluding some worthy teams?"  Yup so I guess why bother? If you're gonna leave out teams when you pick 16, it won't matter if you leave teams out when you pick 2?  Duh!

"The teams involved would be playing 4 extra games."  What? They're gonna get tired of playing football? Do the DIII, DII, and D1A schools get tired of playing extra playoff football games or is it just the poor fragile DI superstars that can't make it through 4 more games.... ???

That's it folks....  Dumbest thing I've ever heard from the horse's mouth....  grrrrrrr

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