Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Take on the SOTU

I'm on the road today and am forced to catch the news in a hotel.  The MSM, (CBS, ABC, FOX) had some pretty good stories about the SOTU.  They managed to repeat what he said, gave some cursory analysis and then...... ignored the President's advice and switched to the really Big Story of the day.  John and Elizabeth Edwards are splitting up!

How is this a big story?  What has it to do with anything that was mentioned by the President last night?  How is it more important than ANY of the urgent issues he spoke about?  The courtiers run the agenda, the scuttlebut, the "inside" story.  They still ignore most of the pressing issues or any chance to educate the public or examine exactly what the President was proposing.  They'll get back to us, I guess.....

Meanwhile check Joan Walsh, or Arianna Huffington or even Garrison Keillor for some insight.  More later... gotta go.

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