Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does it Matter?

Ronald Reagan was less popular at this point in his presidency than Barack Obama is now. With his super majority now a glimmer of history, will Mr. Obama's agenda slow down? Does it really matter that the Republicans now have "Mr. 41?" 

The 60 senate votes were, in reality, an albatross of high expectations hung around the collective Democratic Party neck.  It made the whole party kowtow to Blue Dogs in the Senate (who shall here remain nameless, as well they should in the news cycle and all other arena's that they aspire so greatly to present themselves). The necessity of gaining 60 Votes put a big sock in the mouths of the progressive caucus, the black caucus and any and all Liberal and moderate voices in the Senate.

I contend here that, freed from the noose of the super majority, the Democrats in Congress will now get to show their mettle by passing legislation, approving appointees, regulating and overseeing the governmental institutions via simple majority. Damn! What a simple idea. I'm one who feels that if the you have the power, then use it!

Shivering in fear, throwing up your hands and telling us that with 41 votes, Republicans can and will stop any and all legislation presented in the Senate JUST DOESN'T CUT IT WITH ME ANY MORE.  As has often been conjectured, if the opposition party chooses to force legislation to die with out even being voted on, regardless of importance, regardless of the urgent needs of the citizens, regardless of National Security, regardless of human and civil rights, then document it well. 

When obstructors stop legislation, go to the steps of the Capital and hold a press conference and TELL THE WORLD that Senator DeMint doesn't give a crap about National Security, that Senator McConnell doesn't give a crap about jobs, the middle class, health care and so many other urgent necessities that are immensely popular to the large majority of American citizens.

Make it painful for the minority.  Force them to take stands against the best interests of the common citizen.  Expose their blatant attempts to present themselves as populists.  Expose any and all Zombie lies.  Don't let them lie and distort the issues with impunity.  Call them out!

Democrats, you have the power. Use it.  Stand up for the people.  Tell the world that the Republican attempts to buy off the government and hand it over to their corporate masters is simple bribery.  Payola.  Nothing more. 


Rockdem said...

KaSlam... Well written and expressed Brent. I can easily remember when people were rejoicing that Jim Webb's successful election in 2006 meant that we had a simple majority.

Saje said...

Interesting that the Republicans take a tiny success and blow it up into a mandate and the Democrats take a mandate and turn it into a capitulation. Frustrating beyond words.