Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr. Mims and a Mistaken Ideal

Today's editorial entitled "Well Done, Mr. Mims," is mistaken on several fronts.  The conservative code is unmistakable and the refusal to accept responsibility for the hardship to the American public the proposed policies would cause is unfortunate but typical of the hard line conservative movement.
"In reply to an inquiry from Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, Mims wrote that the federal government has no authority to force an American to purchase health insurance, a key provision in the Democratic plan.

While Congress may have the power to regulate economic activity under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, and “health care is an economic activity,” Mims wrote, “the failure to purchase health insurance is not an economic activity.”'
Health Care is indeed a human right, if not constitutionally, then morally.  In the richest and most viable nation on earth, the fact that so many die because they can't afford to be "economically viable" is morally corrupt.  The fact that there are so many Americans who have much, coupled with the idea that so many more have so little is a perfect example not of the "coming ruination" of American health care, but of the current ruination of the lives of so many of our citizens.

"Whatever happens, Mr. Mims deserves kudos for his public service, and a pat on the back for standing against the permanent socialization, and coming ruination, of American health care."
Yes, kudos to Mr. Mims for public service even though he is wrong about the health care issue.  He also too little, too late in standing against the "permanent socialization" of America which happily has already occurred.  Socialization has solved problems that affect all of society, has given us adequate law enforcement, public education, adequate though flawed transportation and infrastructure, provides for the national defense, protects and preserves our natural resources and has kept our nation from falling into another Great Depression.

Our editor, and perhaps Mr. Mims, does indeed yearn for a autocratic, plutocratic society where only the "economically viable" are allowed the rights and privileges of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  He yearns to return to a time of "personal responsibility, lower taxes, and smaller government" yet he refuses to acknowledge that it is that personal responsibility, a progressive tax structure, and a government large enough to keep him safe, economically viable, well educated, and well defended from our enemies makes our nation the most privileged and powerful on earth.

Shame on him and his supporters who so willingly consign the rest to a purgatory of poverty, sickness, hunger and death; who refuse to recognize the cost of these ideals to our citizens.

Count the Cost... 122 more Americans died today because they couldn't get adequate health care.