Friday, October 26, 2007

The South will Rise!

Hail the Confederacy!

From the honorable George Duncan, gentleman and scholar, an honest citizen and defender of the Confederate States of America.

Mr. Duncan:

"After needless delays..

Also called Congressional hearings and debate

and a few obligatory smears from liberal senators,

Also called the voice of the loyal opposition fulfilling their constitutional duty.

the Senate confirmed Leslie Southwick to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the fifth circuit, which includes Texas, Louisiana and the judge’s home state of Mississippi.

Another small victory for the Confederacy, where n****r is just another name for "good ole' boy."

The 59-38 vote is a victory for common sense and the Constitution.

A great example of horse trading and compromise that is necessary in legislative government to get the business done.

Judge Southwick’s nomination was opposed by the usual leftwing interest groups

Like the NEA, ACLU, Democrats, 

who  complained he was “insensitive” to civil rights, gay rights and, one assumes, transgender and multi-gender rights as well.

who are correct not that it really matters, 'cause you see that's the way we like it in the South.

The anti-Southwick arguments were nonsensical,

to any good Confederate,

but such verbal attacks are typically used when any conservative judge is nominated for the federal bench.

What would any good Confederate do if a liberal Yankee judge was nominated?

Nine Democrats and Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman voted to confirm the nominee.

Blue Dog Democrats and good Senator Lieberman...  Democrats in name only,

Unfortunately, Virginia Sen. James Webb was not among the nine.

Unfortunately for this Rebel Writer.

This is sad because Mr. Southwick is not only a brilliant judge,

both in Mr. Duncan's mind and brilliant in spewing forth his outdated, conservative, pointless ideology.

but he is also a veteran, as is Sen. Webb. Judge Southwick joined the Army reserve when he was 42 and served on active duty in Iraq from August 2004 to January 2006, returning home just in time for his 56th birthday.

What in the world does Mr. Webb's military service for THE UNION have to do with his vote AGAINST a white, southern, Confederate judge?  Oh I get it!  The fawning conservative Mr. Duncan has FINALLY found a veteran of the Armed Services who was put in a job of importance!  RIGHT!

As both a veteran and an author, Sen. Webb has written about the military, and about such virtues as courage and honor.

Excellent point!

He should have recognized those traits in Judge Southwick

but he didn't, 

and stood against the low, dishonest campaign

Also known as democratic debate between party loyalists and the loyal opposition.  

waged against a fellow veteran.


The editor wants to return to the idyllic days of the deep South and the Plantation where life was gentle and everyone knew their place.  Gentlemen settled their disputes with honor and went off to fight for the Glory of the Confederacy.....  The South will rise again????

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