Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Squire Duncan on Diversity

Once again from the Plantation, the honorable George Duncan, esquire, today shares his views about "Rigid Diversity"


Folks, I just can't help myself.  Railing against Yankees is what the good squire does... Mired in the past? Certainly!  Unapologetic?  Most certainly! Unfailingly antique in his views about minorities, education, and economics? Sadly yes.  I therefore take up the pen and offer this response.

Not too long ago, author Thomas Frank penned a non-fiction critical success entitled, "What's the Matter With Kansas?" in which he pondered why Kansans and others in the Midwest voted "against their own economic and social interests," (meaning they voted Republican).



and therefore against their own economic and social interests... duh....

Apparently it never occurred to Mr. Frank that he might be wrong and the people of Kansas right. (But a book titled, "What's the Matter With Thomas Frank?"  wouldn't have sold many copies.)


Very true, but Mr. Frank actually did some research, some fact checking, and some cogent analysis.

Now the nation can ask, "What's the matter with Iowa?' that they've left the plantation behind and are trying to ensure the welfare of ALL their citizens.

... Iowa Gov. Chet Culver has issued an executive order demanding "diversity"


...a  term is so distasteful that you'll just have to wash it down with another mint julip... the state's workforce. The four-page statement includes such gems as:

- Agencies must submit a written summary of their hiring practices to the director of the Department of Administrative Services for approval.  (But don't states already have a written summary - it states "We hire the best, most qualified person for the job, which is of course a local member of the Republican Party.)


Seems that some of the local good ole white boys didn't get the jobs they were certainly entitled to on account of being the best and obviously most qualified, bein' white and all...

- Each agency shall develop a recruitment and retention plan that includes a timetable and achievement milestones. ("Achievement milestones" sounds like a diplomatic name for quotas. Quotas are not only repulsive to most Americans (at least all the good Republicans I know), but unconstitutional as well (given my considerable legal background, knowing that of course there are still pending court cases allowing that affirmative action may not be dead as a doornail just yet.)


or maybe "goals" which are constitutional and legal and definitely NOT repulsive to soccer fans...

Of course, in order to achieve these goals the state will need a new "Diversity Council." One is being created by the governor, although the state already has an Iowa Civil Rights Commission. Now there will be two commissions/councils wasting taxpayers' money.


... because any act of governance like forming a committee is a waste of taxpayers money...  In fact you just wish there wasn't ANY tax money to waste...

The state wants to "celebrate diversity." So if an employee is  less than cheerful about this order, perhaps he  will be sent to the Diversity Council for appropriate punishment.


Gee... I'm sorry they all aren't white!  Do you think we should just send them back where they came from, (except for all the folks you need to keep the plantation runnin')?

Not to be overlooked, there will be "diversity training" for all employees. (Diversity training, by the way, costs a great deal of money. The diversity snakeoil salesmen - er, teachers - often make five and six-figure sums for brief diversity sessions.)

Eat your heart out donut!  If you had a little of that despised education you're always railing about you might have been able to rake in a little of this "easy money."  Teachers are the only thing that KEEPS US OFF the Plantation! Thank God for Teachers!!

But was the Iowa state government, before this mandate, in a full rampage mode to stamp out diversity?


Yup.  Seems the white boys got pretty much all the jobs...  Anybody know if there are any minorities in Iowa?  Wait a minute, let's do the research!  Do a little background....  Here you go. Seems that Iowa is having a little immigration controversy that's being dealt with sanely and progressively!  They are actually trying to anticipate the arrival of the new folks by putting policies in place that might help the state economically and socially.  Way not cool to Plantation folks....

If this order just applied to Iowa, folks in other states could shrug it off as random governmental lunacy


...meaning the actual use of government FOR the citizens' welfare

from officials who had been drinking the main Iowa agricultural product in moonshine.


No,no!  Franklin County, Virginia is the moonshine capital of the world!  Hush yo' mouth sir!

But such orders are becoming a staple of American life at the state, academic and federal level, and will do untold damage to the nation.


Yes indeedy.  The demise of the good life on the Plantation is in danger.  Why doesn't everyone just know their place?  Look... on the Plantation, you'd get taken care of, you'd have a nice place to live, some clothes and some food.  Just try not to remember that they'd OWN you!

President John Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson issued several executive orders proclaiming affirmative action in the federal government. But their orders were vastly different from the mutated version that has now morphed into the Iowa monstrosity.


Seems they did a great job getting the ball rolling.... Doin' your best to stop it?  Go back to school... learn something.

Their orders stated "applicants are employed and employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, creed, color or national origin."  (Emphasis added.)


Emphasis indeed...  Like you had to spit it out through your teeth...

But, as Dorothy said, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto." There was nothing, and is nothing, wrong with Kansas. But this new Iowa-land is fraught with racial politics, bitterness, strife and danger.


Listen to you sir!  Get down with your bad self! You're telling us about "racial politics, bitterness, strife and danger?" Sir, they are actually trying to solve the problems they are facing!  In the real world sir, there ARE minorities striving for economic and social equality.  Get off the Plantation.  The South lost.  We live in a diverse world.  We can't turn the clock back and just send everybody home.  There's room for everyone.  Go back in the house and get another mint julip...



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