Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Throw the Bums out!

So let me get this straight..President Bush is “not going to allow” Iran to develop nuclear weapons, but WHEN THEY GET THEM and get the capability to fire them in rockets capable of reaching the United States we’ll need a trillion dollar anti-missile defense against them that
"doesn't work, it's expensive and it's intended for a threat that doesn't exist..”
-Dan Froomkin

Ok, I exaggerated. So the Iranians get missiles and put conventional warhead on them….. Let’s see at last count, If they fire one missile at us, we could fire 100,000 back at them! I feel safer already and that’s without the cool “Star Wars” thing!

Check Salon today and read about Bush and folks just “winging it” They don’t know what to do except follow whatever ideological policy comes out of the American Enterprise Institute. Remember these folks make their own reality. They put their neocon ideals out there and expect the world to conform… When it doesn’t they are totally clueless!

Ok so, we’ll have to live with Iranian nukes so we can have our cool “Star Wars” missile defense. So now how will we get to go to war with Iran? Let’s switch our rhetoric to IED’s! Those awful Iranians are killing American boys! Sounds like invasion talk to me! But wait, no one is buying! It appears that everyone already knows that most of the damage is being done by Saudi’s! Can’t touch them, they’ve got all the oil. Hmm, back to the drawing board.

Hold the presses! We could bomb the Kurds! I know they’d find a way to be at war somewhere ALL the time! Now we’re going to help the Syrians! Actually we’re doing this to keep THEM from invading Iraq…. To fight terrorism…. To fight them there, so they won’t come here…. To protect the homeland….. What a web we weave… War is Hell.. Thanks for taking us there, keeping us there, and wishing we would stay there.
Throw the bums out!

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