Tuesday, December 30, 2008

McConnell digs in against America... Again

The Southern Plutocrats, led by Mitch McConnell, have vowed to slow, stall, or outright block the Obama stimulus package now being planned for the first hundred days. Under the guise of "protecting the taxpayer" he is willing hang the economy, the workers, the ordinary citizens, not to mention health care, energy and education out to dry.

In the meantime, Mr. McConnell was at the front of the line, leading the charge to bail out the Wall Street tycoons, no questions asked!

So here you go, Fat Cats and corporations get everything they want, America gets nothing it NEEDS. The Master of the Plantation must be taken care of first, no matter the cost, and the workers and common folk will be fine when the Master can get around to them.

Mr. McConnell's famous concern about the taxpayers? hmmm.... Let's decipher that loaded coded bit of double-speak. Taxpayers are bailing out the Masters [banks, plutocrats, and Wall Street] and are assured of NOTHING. Meanwhile, the rest of America gets thrown under the bus? Isn't he just saying that America is ONLY about gathering and maintaining the wealth and power of the Masters? The taxpayers he is really concerned about, not you and me, but the Masters!

Keeping taxes low on the rich, ensuring their profit margin means that you and I get to pay those prices, pay those taxes, and live our lives scrapping for health care, paying for dirty energy, spilling our blood on plutocratic wars of conquest all in the name of preserving the Masters wealth.

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