Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feelin' Po'... Merry Christmas

With all the depressing news about the economy, the billions and billions lost in the stock market, the billions and billions spent on warfare and destruction, you'd think that the Christmas spirit this year would be a little hard to find. I just watched an interesting scene on the news showing a reporter doing a little shopping at a mall in one of America's cities. He had a list all ready to go, but had to make a report first. Shops in the mall are already offering after-Christmas specials, 2 for the price of 1's, and deep discounts on almost everything. The bad news about the seasonal shopping won't hit until next week, but don't hold your breath for good news.

The homeless rate is up, the crime rate is up, the infrastructure is failing, the nation's money is going down the bailout black hole, the Big 3 automakers are facing bankrupcy, the South is rising again [yeeeeehaaaah!], nobody is shopping......

Where's the love people? What are we doing with our chins down and sadness all around? This is the bed we made. Our economic house of cards is falling down. Buying and buying on credit all the while pretending it really is money? It was an illusion and our fantasies have finally caught up with us. And the bad news is......

Folks, we're finally in a national economic state that my family has been in for a long time. We are finally coming to terms with the difference between what we WANT and what we NEED. Look around. How many cars in your driveway, how many computers in your house, how much junk in your garage will you get around to putting away or dealing with some day? What are you doing with all that STUFF you bought? How important was it anyway?

How much have you given away? When was the last time you loaded up the van and took a dozen big garbage bags of old toys, clothing, shoes, used appliances or books to Mercy House or the Salvation Army? Did you send a check to the Children's Cancer Fund AND the other 25 agencies in need that called you during supper? Why not?

The joy and spirit of Christmas is a little bigger than our nation collectively feeling sorry for itself. If you truly want some joy this holiday season, give some stuff away, write some checks, volunteer. Remember the jolliest of all the elves, Santa himself. Why is he so happy? Let Santa be your hero and show you how to spread Christmas cheer. Give some stuff away and smile and laugh while you're at it! Be Like Santa!

Merry Christmas.

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