Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GOP Debate II

Candidate Mike Huckabee thinks he's still running against the 1993 Democratic Congress who
"spends money like John Edwards at a beauty shop."
Or is he really running against his own party that controlled Congress the last 12 years? And of course, isn't he glad that the "beauty shop" grads who did the make-up for the candidates did such a good job? God bless democracy.

Respect Giuliani for following his true beliefs on liberal social issues but watch out for his views on Executive Power. He's trying to inherit the Bush mantle of Executive Supremacy. He wants to be King. Competence be damned!

McCain is forlorn, unsure, and not much of a straight shooter anymore. He voted against the tax cuts and now he's for them. He was a critic of the war before he was for it, he was skeptical of the Religious Right before he reluctantly embraced them. How do you spell Pander?

Romney is a pretty face. America loves pretty faces. He says anything that will get him elected to what ever office he's running for. (Thanks to John McCain, who remarkably is still at least aiming straight, for pointing this out!) As Tony Blankely says,
"He needs to learn to stutter, so he won't sound so slick and polished."
Slick Willie II?

Gilmore? Car Tax! 'Nuff said.

Tancredo,? Fanatic, one issue candidate.

Paul? The only independent, libertarian in the group but badly missed the mark with his remark about the bombing of Iraq and 9/11. Hint - it was the Saudis! May have had a good intent, but should have expected the rousing response by our macho "commander" wannabees.

All the candidates are still huffing and puffing about who's the strongest, the most macho, and the most conservative. Conservative blue suits on aging Caucasian males, posturing and puffing conservative rhetoric. The new (same old) face of the Republican Party. Politicians gone wild! Watch the video for yourself!

Special Report: Newt wants to get in the race to show all of them that he's
"big and they're not!"

Only in America....

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