Wednesday, May 23, 2007


In the absence of reason, clear thinking and in-depth debate, the honkers and squeakers are to stealing the show! All immigration opponents have to do is shout AMNESTY! and they think they've won. Shouts of AMNESTY! should be greeted with equal shouts of POGROM! Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post says,
"It's also accurate to point out, however, that those 12 million or so people are already settled here, that for the most part they are doing jobs our society wants done, and that any serious attempt to drive them out of the country -- even "temporarily," so they could apply to be let back in -- would be indistinguishable from a pogrom.

Would SWAT teams of immigration officers descend on neighborhoods and go door to door? Would they snatch children out of schools? Where would they take these people? To special camps? To the nearest border"

It's impossible to round up 12 million people and send them home! It's another example of hijacking the debate with extremism. We have to address the issues! Employment of illegals, effects of cheap labor on wages, working conditions and job security, border security, immigration quotas, issues of culture and assimilation should all be on the agenda. None of these issues can be served by simple shouts of AMNESTY!

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