Friday, November 21, 2014

Mr. Goodlatte's Response to Mr. Obama's Action on Immigration

Here is the relevant portion of Mr. Goodlatte's letter followed by my response.

Reading the Constitution isn’t something many Americans do on a daily basis. However, in light of President Obama’s announcement that he will act unilaterally to change our immigration laws and shield five million unlawful immigrants from immigration enforcement, perhaps we should take a look at our founding document for a refresher. Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution states that “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” The Congress, not the President, has the power to legislate. 
It’s both perplexing and alarming that the President has decided to move forward with executive actions on immigration that he has said on numerous occasions that he didn’t have the constitutional power to take. The President’s decision to recklessly forge ahead with a plan to change our immigration laws on his own ignores the will of the American people and completely disregards the Constitution.

Dear Mr. Goodlatte,

He’s not changing any laws.  May I repeat.  He’s not changing any laws.  

You are correct in that Congress has the power to legislate.  You and your friends in the leadership of the majority party have repeatedly refused to exercise that power with regards to immigration reform.

It is you sir, who should follow your constitutional mandate to pass legislation that provides governance concerning the issue of immigration.  You sir, are the lawless and feeble legislator, unable to pass any legislation save the numerous attempts to deny Americans proper health care and women the power over their own bodies.

How can it be “perplexing” to you when Mr. Obama has repeatedly stated to you what he has intended to do concerning immigration?  

I don’t believe you sir.  I am perplexed and amazed at your response. I am very angry with you about your stubborn refusal address the issue of immigration through legislation.

Mr. Goodlatte, whom do you serve?

Brent Holl

Taxpayer, voter, and resident of your district. 

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