Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The National Memo � The Best Affordable Care Act News You’ll Hear This Week

The National Memo � The Best Affordable Care Act News You’ll Hear This Week:

This, friends and neighbors, is the blueprint for winning Medicaid coverage for all citizens in every state. Governor Kasich of Ohio has hit the nail on the head.  The contrasting messages are now very clear and the choice can be presented to the voters.
Mr. Sattler - "The governor continually invoked Ronald Reagan and “Christian compassion” as he argued for providing health insurance for the working poor. This further enraged right-wingers, who favor using the Gipper’s image to push lower taxes and Christian fundamentalism to push conservative stands on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage."
This one statement actually addresses the conservative mythology head on. While respecting and acknowledging the right wing/evangelical position, an equal but opposite left wing/Christian position has been presented. Brilliant!
"It’s also a great deal for the states, with the federal government paying 100 percent of the coverage at the outset with that percentage tapering down to 90 percent by the end of the decade.  The federal government currently pays about 57 percent of the cost of Medicaid. States that reject the program will have to provide the tax revenue to pay for it anyway, without the coverage that should keep the working poor out of emergency rooms and drive down insurance rates for all residents." 
This would address the pragmatic real life effects on the nation's economy and the budget dilemmas of lots of states faced with this very choice.

Huzza Mr. Kasich.

More work to do....

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