Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Death Threats | GOP in Charge? | SOTU Poll

Death Threat for a Palin Critic | Mother Jones

Here in Alaska, it's trickled down and reached levels wherein strangers take their cues from supposed 'leaders' and target fellow citizens with bone-chilling threats. How broken is our system of justice that allows these kinds of horrid threats to continue unchecked?"
This is the crux of the debate.  The leaders who use violent imagery and rhetoric do indeed have a dramatic effect on their followers. It is the folks at home who see these leaders extolling them to great things violence and promoting liberty and freedom the violent overthrow of the government that will show us the results of this volatile political atmosphere. This simple concept escapes Ms. Palin and her lackeys.

The GOP in charge?

Republicans have won..... what?  The way they talk you'd think they've achieved world domination. Because they've won a majority in the House, do they now expect total capitulation by the minority?  They are acting like it.


They've won the chance to offer legislation that will address the needs of our nation. Oops, see the above comment... HR 1 Repeal Health Care; HR2 Deny all non-existent Federal Funding for Abortion (Question:  If they DENY Non-Existent funding, does that mean that they will be restoring the lost funding FOR abortions?)

So when do we get started on jobs?  When do we get to start rebuilding the middle class?  When will we begin to upgrade our infrastructure?  When will we build up public education?  When will we begin to develope scientists, mathemeticians, economists, historians and TEACHERS (a big shout out to the Pres for his great words of respect in the SOTU last night!).  Well?  House Republicans? When can we get started?  What's on your plate?


Note to the obstructionist GOP.  President Obama's speech last night got a 91% approval rating from AMERICA last night. (At least the 500 who were polled...) Question: When we are inspired to move forward, to invent, to create, to build, Americans respond in big ways and in big numbers.  Compare and contrast your political strategy of repealing America back to the 19th century and how popular it might be if folks actually knew what you are trying to do.

More work to do....

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