Thursday, December 16, 2010

Virginia Roads Crumble... Want to fix it?

Gov. McDonnell's transportation plans amount to a whimper

No. Mr. McDonnell's answer is loud and clear. He'll kick the can down the road, thank you very much. Actually PAY for something? No, let's borrow and spend. Mr. McDonnell and his GOP friends have starved the beast to the point that things are breaking down fairly rapidly. They are ideologically stuck in the public theft rut. They are happy to steal money from children, from the sick and dying, and from the travelers on the state's highways, but are unwilling to dip into corporate and private wealth to actually keep the state functioning.

What am I talking about?? Public Theft = Tax Cuts. Stealing money from children = bankrupting the public education system. Stealing money from the sick and dying = attempting to deprive Virginians of their health care. Stealing from travelers = this fizzling effort to fix the roads.

It's our state Governor. Fix it!

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