Monday, November 1, 2010

Yes, this is a Conservative Country.

The Daily News Record: Editorial Opinion

Yep. Most of us say we are conservative. Conservative is the act of conserving what is important to our safety and well-being as a society, conserving our natural resources so that they will sustain us long into the future, and conserve our financial resources so we can pay for what we need as well as some of the things we want.

@editor. You sir are not a conservative. You are a radical capitalist. Good for business is not always good for society. Government is not the enemy, it is us. Hating government is hating its citizens, its ability to govern itself, and its ability to protect and defend us all.

I have just been accused of being a communist on these pages, yet I would say that I am more conservative than my accuser and more conservative than you, sir. I would conserve the rights and freedoms of ALL of our citizens, not just the most privileged. I would conserve our natural resources so that we can be secure and have what we all need to survive. I would conserve our national wealth so that taxes could remain low, and our debts could be paid.

I would approve of a conservative national defense that would protect our interests but not engage in imperialistic nation building. I would approve of a conservative fiscal policy that would rein in Wall Street and the biggest banks by not allowing them to gamble the national treasure on risky swaps and fuzzy financial schemes. I would conserve the nations health by ensuring that every citizen is able to have adequate health care without fear of bankruptcy.

Mr. Editor, I agree that most Americans are conservative. Your advocacy of the radical right has little to do with anything close to conservatism. This blowout you are predicting will not lead to any solutions to the nation's problems. No one knows what the folks that are coming into leadership will do. What does "cut spending" mean? What does "smaller government" mean? How does this translate into actual governance? I don't know, the country doesn't know, and I pretty certain that you don't even know.

I wish us the best. We've survived one "Contract for America," we'll survive this one.

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