Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flights of Fancy? Democrats in Trouble?

According to Think Progress this morning, Sarah Palin, a leading Facebook candidate for higher office in 2010, is sequestered from the public, sheltered from any kind of scrutiny that might undermine her message. In her contract that has just been made public via FOIA, in addition to the "diva" clauses, her access to the media and to the public is severely restricted: pre-approved questions from the audience, advance approval for media access, limited recording of speeches, pre-approved autograph sessions and photo ops, limited or no "face-time" access, pre-approved promo material and guest lists for receptions.

Ken Cuccinelli, our very own Virginia attorney general, is spending a lot of time in court, chasing windmills or engaging in political witchhunts. His radical right wing ideology takes him on flights of fancy, fueled by frivolous law suits and strangely written legal briefs that leave prudent lawyers, judges and law professionals shaking their heads in disbelief.

Pragmatic, prudent leadership? I think not. With Ms Palin, it is simply the preservation of an image, the promotion of a specific, untainted message, the sequestering of a volatile candidate who can't cope with media pressure, public scrutiny and only looks and sounds like a serious candidate when placed securely in her protective bubble.

With Mr. Cuccinelli, we have an attorney general who insists on using the office to pursue ideological witch hunts and has a radical agenda that doesn't look after the best interests of Virginians, but pursues ideological flights of fancy against all manner of "liberal" ghosts and goblins.

These are but two examples of the "prudent" leadership offered up by the GOP in this election season. These are perfect examples of the topsy turvy world of this political season where prudence is a fanciful flight of ideology, where responsibility is the perfect maintenance of the candidate in a bubble, and where conservatism has become synonymous with witch hunting zealots.

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