Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The GOP in a Corner

Speaking of the party faithful:

The GOP both in Virginia and nationwide has very effectively boxed itself into a corner. It's overall strategy is to never, never, never, give in to Democrats. This universal opposition creates all kinds of problems and has made it much harder to be relevant in any meaningful way.

The GOP finds itself solidly aligned FOR the wealthy, FOR the Wall Street robber barons, FOR the use of torture, and FOR the destruction of our environment. Use it or lose it is the battle cry. GOP spokesman, Newt Gingrich, just today has called for the preservation of the nuclear arsenal, effectively declaring support FOR Mutually Assured Destruction. Armageddon anyone? Get real. He's also accused Mr. Obama of waging war against the church, along with the usual accusations of being a socialist/marxist... again, get real.

The close association with the religious right pits the GOP AGAINST single mothers, pregnant women, teachers, civil servants, unions, gays and lesbians, all ethnic groups that aren't white and blue-eyed, liberals, moderates, libertarians, atheists, and scientists. (to name a few)

A blistering report in Rolling Stone this month lays out the bare details (pun intended) of the sex and drug scandals in the Bush Dept. of Interior. It also lays out in detail the incredible corruption that makes the Teapot Dome scandal look like child's play. The GOP is FOR corporate coziness with the very departments of government that are responsible for protecting valuable national resources.

Is there any political room to maneuver in this tiny little corner they've gotten into? I'm sure they think so. My question for Republicans is simply this..... Are you Republicans first or Americans first?

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