Monday, April 6, 2009

Claptrap or Opinion, Journalism or Propaganda?

The President is away, it's a slow news day so this might be a good time for the following observation:

The DNR editorial page is filled today with the silliest wingnuttery of recent memory. "Ain't you got somethin' better to do" comes to mind. We have xenophobia, tax cuts for the wealthy, school vouchers, Obama's citizenship, and religious revivalism. Is there really nothing else of note going on in the world that just might be important enough for a thoughtful, well reasoned editorial.

I'm eternally grateful for the occasional writings of E. J. Dionne simply as a contrast to the Righteous and Rowdy Ranting of Michelle Malkin or the Listless and Liberty-less Libertarianism of Walter Williams. Mixed in with the pompous, elitist sneering of Charles Krauthammer, one would think that there just might be a bit of right wing prejudice in the editorial pages... amusing.

Here's an open invitation to the editorial staff to consider a few liberal voices of reason from the Creator's Syndicate that might offer a bit of balance to the OP-ED page:

Tony Blankely - Washington Times and the Right of "Left, Right and Center" a popular podcast from KCRW in San Francisco.

Joe Conason - writes a weekly column for Very insightful and leftward leaning. Good fodder for conversation. Heck, I might just buy a paper to read his pieces!

Glenn Greenwald - ahem... a left wingnut, but a constitutional lawyer and columnist who offers a nice counterweight to the screaming talking heads on the right. Mr. Editor, do you have the courage to put leftwing claptrap on the op-ed page? This would be a perfectly opposite opinion to the right wing claptrap that appears EVERY day!

Robert Scheer - Editor of and former columnist of the LA Times. Here's a conservative liberal voice. (No that's not an oxymoron.) He's an old time liberal with some serious pragmatic bonifides.

I'm calling you out Mr. Editor. Do you have any journalistic courage? Are you afraid of the liberal point of view? Are you afraid that your conservative readers will boycott your paper and you'll lose readership? More importantly, are you more interested in journalism or propaganda?

I'm pulling for you my friend. Wouldn't you like to see some serious debate?

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