Friday, November 30, 2007

Bush the "Genius"

Everyone who ever accused Bush of incompetence or ignorance needs to take another look, quickly. He's just proved his real genius with his unilateral hijacking of the foreign policy of the United States. He not only has engaged preemptive war, has preemptively occupied a nation, but will now seek preempt Congress and his successor! His legacy will be the long term occupation of Iraq, and the unilateral dismemberment of the separation of powers with the complete disembowelment of Congress.

Harold Meyerson in the WAPO:

The president who waged a preemptive war now wants to lock in place a preemptive occupation. Only this time, instead of preempting a foreign nation, he is seeking to preempt Congress and his successor. It's the logical conclusion for his misshapen and miserable presidency, and I doubt the American people -- if they have any say in the matter -- will stand for it.

More indication of his “genius” came in the local newspaper today when Bush announced that in order to “support the troops,” Congress should pass the new funding bill “clean” with no limits on his conduct of the war. President Bush will undoubtedly veto any measure that doesn’t give him exactly what he wants. He knows that by continually repeating the mantra of troop support, he keeps the public from reflecting on the real reasons of his occupation. The real curious part is that he’s now announced his grand dream of conquest! He wants to conquer Iraq and milk it for it’s resources. He wants a large (and expensive) military presence to dominate the Middle East.

The tragedy is that it works. Bush has purposefully followed this course, deliberately choosing to rule as a tyrant, willfully manipulating an electorate with clever but sinister half-truths, conventional wisdom, and deliberate obfuscation and defiance of Congress. Consider the idea that a President with a 30% popularity rating can unilaterally go to war, occupy a nation, snub Congress, spy on private citizens, and dictate terms on nearly all legislation that passes his desk. Consider the idea that the Bush legacy can be pretty much guaranteed, no matter what the opposition thinks they can do about it. Bush has declared through his “War Czar” that he doesn’t consider the agreement between the US and Iraq negotiable. He’s said that Congress doesn’t need to see it! Military bases, oil profits, security guarantees involving military support, all declared unilaterally without the consent of Congress.

Speaking of Congress, consider the co-conspirators in the Bush legacy, the Republican members of Congress who still blindly follow his lead. They continue to provide veto insurance for the President. Throw the bums out! Defeat as many of them as possible in the ’08 election. And by the way, just a reminder…. Representative Goodlatte has supported President Bush 98% of the time in the past 7 years. Sam Rasoul for Congress!

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