Thursday, September 6, 2007

What's Irrational?

Alex Epstein, guest editorial writer for the Daily News Record on September 6, 2007, thinks worldwide hatred of America is irrational.  Here is his "rational" argument regarding what he refers to as "our ideological and philosophical enemies," in this case Islamists and their supporters: 

"In the case of our militant enemies, we must kill them or demoralize them.. as for the rest, we must politically ignore them and intellectually discredit them, while proudly arguing for the superiority of Americanism."

Epstein goes on to say that President Bush is an "appeaser" and has not dealt with "anti-American Muslims"  harshly enough.

The editor is reaching far into the depth of right wing extremism to once again beat the drums for WAR.  This article is fearmongering and hubris at it's most blatantly simple level.  Encouraging us to hate and kill our enemies is the true irrational response.

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