Sunday, September 2, 2007

Editor's Choice

The editor of our local daily newspaper, The Daily New Record, has chosen once again to slant the new editorial section to the right.  Using the same three conservative writers along with the lone moderate voice that we were invited to read in last week's edition leaves us no doubt of the editorial intent.  From Charles Krauthammer we get the opinion that the current government in Iraq is a failure and that we should have “dealt with it months ago.”  More regime change?  Mr. Krauthammer has also let it be known many times that military action is inevitable in dealing with Iraq.  In short, “All War all the Time.”  Krauthammer is articulate and very persuasive in his arguments and is a respected conservative pundit.

With Michelle Malkin, we simply get pre-adolescent name-calling and shameless advertising for War.  Her account of the opposing marches on Washington is a comical display of pettiness and bluster.  Her point?  Peace marchers deserve no respect and are to be considered “anti-American” and “enemies.”  War marchers are strong, brave Patriots..  This is comical to the point of being meaningless.  Seventh graders meet with teachers and guidance counselors to work on name-calling and bullying!  To see it sanctioned once again in the pages of the Daily News Record is disappointing and a tragic waste.  Ms Malkin is beyond conservative.  Her rhetoric is EXTREME!  

I’m sure there are many in the Valley who will support the Peace Marchers on Washington.  Ms Malkin (and by their support of her writings, the Daily News Record editorial staff) views these respected members of our community as,

“far-left, Jane Fonda retreads, anti-war anarchists, bongo-beating retreatists, Cindy Sheehanistas, socialist rabble-rousers, anti-war lemmings, anti-democracy forces, pro-left, and anti-American.”
This kind of adolescent ranting has no place on any editorial page and should go back to the blogoshere where the standards are much lower.

Walter Williams’s opinions will forever be clouded by his willingness to accept a large paycheck as a consultant for the Education Industry that sold the nation on the No Child Left Behind AT THE SAME TIME that he was advising the government.  To hear him say that he considers “Reaching into another’s pocket to assist one’s fellow man in need is despicable and worthy of condemnation” puts him in pretty extreme company.  His version of laissez-faire capitalism confirms his right wing credentials.

I challenge the editor to truly offer balanced views in the editorial page.  If we get reactionary, right wing this week lets have a countering view next week!  To persist in being bludgeoned week after week with right wing vitriol is poor journalism and in itself “worthy of condemnation.”

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