Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tough Cheney

In a speech to the Heritage Foundation on Friday, Dick Cheney, ranted about the Democratic Party. Evidently he just can't help himself. His right wing ideology is Ultimate Truth, his Power is from on High, and only he speaks for (real) America! I guess true toughness is shown by how forcefully and aggressively hypocrisy is put on display! The highlights: (quotes are from his speech).

Democrats want to impose "the largest tax increase in American history"
Hmm... this is after the most disastrous tax CUT for the rich in history. My local tax bills have risen dramatically, government services have been diminished, and my current tax dollars are going to private war contractors. A large tax increase doesn't sound so bad after all if it increases accountability in government and causes more deliberation and planning in policy direction including war-making and disaster relief.

Democrats have earned a place in the "big spending hall of fame."
This is famous tough talk from Republicans. Part of their perceived toughness is the fact that they proclaim the same old same old as utter truth. That Cheney can actually say with a straight face that it's the Democrats who have squandered the nation's wealth is simply laughable. Scoreboard dude! Look at the pork from the past 6 years. If the Democrats are in the "hall of fame" the Republicans OWN it! 'Nuff said.

Democrats don't "fully appreciate the nature of the danger this country faces in the war on terror."
And the paranoid, neocon fantasy war in Iraq is making us safer? Spending billions of dollars just to give al Qaeda a target far away from home is making us safer? Lighting a match and fanning the flame of the Middle East cauldron is better for the world? Deposing a 2-bit dictator makes the whole thing worth it?

Democrats have given in to "the far left wing" with actions that "have moved from the merely inconsistent to the irresponsible."
So according to ALL the polls a pretty good MAJORITY of the American people are now members of the far left wing. Hurray! Of course, the Republicans always show how tough they are by taking a radical right position just so they can fight out of the corner it puts them in. These tough guys like to fight, call names, and accuse everyone else of being "leftist."

What's more irresponsible than the President telling Congressional Democrats to meet at the White House to "negotiate" the war funding, but not to bother with any proposals because he will veto anything that doesn't give him what he wants. How much more hypocrisy can there be more than, "It's the Democrats' fault that the war funding bill is in trouble because THEY are playing politics!"

And Finally this: "Americans are entitled to question whether the endlessly shifting positions he and others are taking are reflections of principle or partisanship and blind opposition to the president."
Holy smoke where to begin.... Only Republican presidents can endlessly shift positions, obfuscate, deceive, and play politics as they govern. This is just the way good Republicans behave. It's the party of the party, by the party, and for the party. The Democratic Party's "blind opposition" is a position they've been forced to be in because of the blatant partisanship of THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! If the Democrats choose to use oversight, or stand up to the bully in the pulpit, they are considered by Republicans to be WAY out of line. The only partisanship that exists is in opposition to The Republican Party. That Republicans continue to pursue this reckless Anti-American partisan rhetoric is unbelievable. That they really consider the right wing fanaticism of Dick Cheney as a worthy representation of party policy is simply hard to believe. Is this the "last throes" of Dick Cheney? Is he the great "liberator?"

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