Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Scandals

So the latest scandal is about the use of backchannel email accounts to conduct "official" business off the record and hidden from view. Emails back and forth from Jack Abramoff to the White House, mysterious emails from Senator Dominici to "kr" and messages to US attorneys around the country inquiring about "voter fraud cases" are now coming to light.

What are all these political scandals really about? Simply that the Bush is the President of the Republican Party. In his administration there is no difference between official government business and Republican Party business. His government is predicated on the fact that all loyal Republicans are equal and that what is good for the Republican Party IS what's best for America. All others are enemies of the state and to be resisted and disparaged at every opportunity. All of the scandals being uncovered are a result of this one party system. As Garrison Keillor says today in Salon,
"The Current Occupant, ... has done violence to the Constitution and flown in the face of reality. He invades a country and allows neocon ideologues to play at colonialism until the country has descended into chaos and thereby costs the lives of young Americans who had other plans than to be blown up in a war whose purpose now is forgotten. And then he wraps himself in Old Glory and dares you to say otherwise. We are now three-quarters of the way through the Attention Deficit Administration and who knows what dark surprises remain?"

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