Monday, February 19, 2007

Perpetual War

The war is won!

Saddam is dead, the weapons of mass destruction do not exist, regime change has occurred and our mission is accomplished. Why do we have to keep fighting in order to "support the troops?"

The war is won!

We are now running a counter-insurgency/police action with minimal help from the Iraqi's, which will go on for YEARS! So, to support the troops we must engage them in a never ending quagmire?

To support the troops, we must make war-making the centerpiece of our foreign policy?

Our magnificent soldiers are now responsible for the moral decisions our great nation faces about war-making?

The President bears the responsibility.

The President serves the People.

The People have spoken.

The war is won!

Bring them home!

UPDATE 3/2/07

This article was published in the Daily News Record today.

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