Friday, February 2, 2007

Economy 101

"'The president is right. The economy in aggregate is performing very well. So he's right to claim that the economy, looking from above, looks very good,'
[Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's]
'Democrats are also right. The fruits of this strong economy have largely accrued to higher income wealthier households.'"

You know, Mr. President, you are right and your view of the economy is correct. You know, Mr. Senator, you are also right and your view of the economy is correct. How could both of these seemingly opposite views be correct, you, the reader, ask? Simply put, neither side will give an accurate and COMPLETE report on the economy. Both sides will only cite statistics that back their particular ideology. Both sides will ignore or discount statistics that don't back up their ideology. Fact is, the economy is growing and doing well for the rich. Fact is, the economy is uncertain at best and downright dismal at worst for the middle class. Fact is, the poor are being ignored.

The DNR has once again entered the nether-world of ideology to declare that the economy is doing great, quoting all of the reports, experts, and statistics that support their view. Are they right? Sure, but only about their own half of the argument. Are they as truthful as they want us to believe? Absolutely not. Not until they also account for the rest of the argument. It is especially dangerous to attempt to subvert the public's opinion with half-truths and biased ideology with which the DNR has openly misrepresented the debate. Let's hear the whole argument!

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