Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DNRonline : They (Liberal Media) Never Let Up

It's always interesting to read the response from the loyal opposition after an election has been lost. I contrast Mr. Romney, a moderate Republican, and the Editor a "scary" radical Republican.  The tone and style contrast is, to me, the biggest takeaway from this election.  The mandate is for moderation.  The electorate rebuked radicalism. Mr. Romney's success in fighting back to within a whisker of being elected was BECAUSE he turned to the center and away from his radical base.  My favorite pundit comment from last night came after Mr. Romney's concession speech and was something like, "If THAT Mitt Romney had been allowed to run for President, he would have won."

Mr. Editor, liberalism is not a movement, it is the acceptance and recognition of widely divergent points of view.  You sir, are a member of the liberal media. You simply represent a point of view within that liberal media that is racist, bigoted, and regressive.  Your views are far to the right of anything that sounds like conservatism or moderation.  Radicalism is 'scary.'  Radicals don't compromise.  Radicals believe that they are oppressed. Radicals are in the minority and can't understand why they don't get the respect that they see other minorities achieve.  The tone of your response to this election confirms all of the above.

In a city that has a remarkably different viewpoint, your regressive and radical opinionating is less and less reflective of a city and country that is leaving you behind. Come to the center.  Become relevant.  Our country needs moderation and true conservative thinkers now. 

More work to do...

DNRonline : They Never Let Up

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