Saturday, November 5, 2011

Buying a Presidential Nomination

The third Koch brother? -

No question. None. Nada. Mr. Cain is the Koch's candidate. They are attempting to buy the nomination for President. Mr. Cain himself has confirmed it. No national organization, no ties to the Republican Party, no support from GOP politicos, all his money and all his staff coming from Americans for Prosperity...

This is a test. We know from the economic meltdown that our economic and political elites are now immune from prosecution for breaking laws. No bankers have even been investigated for wrong doing, no heads have rolled for the crimes of fraud and insider trading that tanked our financial system. The current system of legalized bribery brought about by the Citizens United decision has opened the floodgates and is washing away what remains of campaign finance law. These guys simply know that they'll get away with it. The media is covering the "sexy" story of harassment and Mr. Cain's numbers just improve with his bloodthirsty and misogynistic supporters. Talk about felonies and criminal behavior from Mr. Cain's campaigns and .... nothing. Joan Walsh talks about it, Rachel Maddow spends time on it, the rest of the media?

This is a test. Will Mr. Cain not only by absolved for his sexual exploits but will he be allowed to escape scrutiny for his campaign finance crimes? Will he be insulated by the Koch Brother's Cash? Can these two autocrats buy the Presidency of the United States for their "third brother?"

Mr. Cain's numbers are not tanking. He's enjoying his performance. He's a celebrity making headlines. It's a great American tradition in the entertainment industry, it's just never happened in a presidential election before.

More work to do.

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