Thursday, September 1, 2011

Christie Calls out Cantor's Fools Errand

Another Republican Rebukes Cantor: Chris Christie Demands Hurricane Aid Without Offsetting Cuts | ThinkProgress

Twice in recent weeks, I've had cause to stand up and cheer for a Republican. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey got his first standing ovation from me and from the entire cast and crew of Lawrence O' Donnell's show, "The Last Word," when he called the Sharia Law conspiracy theories floating around "a load of crap." He was in the process of appointing a Muslim judge to the state supreme court. Thanks Gov. Christie.

Now he's called out Mr. Cantor. I've been following Mr. Cantor's foibles with great interest and Mr. Christie is the second Republican governor to call Mr. Cantor's so-called fiscal responsibility foolish.
Our people are suffering now, and they need support now. And they [Congress] can all go down there and get back to work and figure out budget cuts later,”
Our own Governor McDonnell split with his own Congressman yesterday. So I'm sitting, talking to my friend Shannon Dove and a thought just bounces into my head. These two guys are governors of states that have needs and responsibilities to their citizens. They are required by law to actually GOVERN. They've got to balance their budgets, provide state mandated service, provide for the general welfare, in short, care for the citizens in their charge.

Contrast this to the wacko, political gamesmanship practiced by Mr. Cantor and his minions. Governance doesn't come to mind when describing what they do. Sure they'll provide funding for disaster relief, but the funds will have to come from the funds that were supposed to be used to clean up the last big disaster in Alabama. Remember that one? Melissa Harris-Perry says, "That disaster is SO yesterday....." (she's kidding of course.) Or the funds can come from First Responder training programs.  Imagine if you can, disaster relief fund sitting in the bank unused because no first responders have been trained who know how to use the money to do the job!  Or we can cut taxes or kill medicare.... that'll fix it....  sigh....

The constant theme that I've been following is how Mr. Cantor is promoting policy that is solely for short term political gain and wreaks havoc with the future. He continually robs programs that are necessary and vital for the country's security and welfare to pay for the latest program. His insistence on "off-sets" for every expense might have a ring of financial responsibility to it, but HOLY SMOKE what choices he makes! His true purpose is now so transparent that he's being exposed as a complete fool by his own party.

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