Monday, May 23, 2011

Medicare, Social Security... remember the Third Rail?

New Polling Says Overwhelming Majority Wants Social Security Left Alone | TPMDC

That's why they call it the third rail of American politics. The numbers in the polling are telling. They answer the question, "Just how much money does it take for a 20% minority to buy enough political power to impose their will on the 80% majority. I'll wager (irony intended) that they haven't spent as much as it's going to take. That's a staggering thought considering the flood of cash that went into the last election. The word on the street is that we ain't seen nothin' yet. The monied elite obviously think they can buy an America of their choosing.

I'm always impressed by the chutzpah, the boldness, the absolute egotistical greed of the conservative rich. In their world, they get what they want, period. 80% majority be damned, if there's money to be made they'll make it happen. Trouble is, the mighty have always fallen and when they do, they take a large chunk of us with them.

So to repeat. We the people: "Hands off Medicare, Hands off Social Security." The Political Elites: "We must reform Medicare and Social Security." Follow this debate closely. Take note of the choices being made here. The Elites will choose most anything they want over the will of the people. Advertising on race cars anyone? How about a nice new upgrade to the dockyard for their yachts? How about a nice new lakefront golf course? (That would be after the property was condemned the folks that live there thrown out.) All this is just some of the chump change that is going forward in the new Wingnut World. Stay tuned.

More work to do.

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