Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Coming Caliphate and other tales of the Arabian Nights

The Daily News Record: Editorial Opinion

In reading the recent editorials in the Forum section, I'm wondering if the writer truly intends to be taken seriously. In "The Coming Caliphate" [DNR Editorial, June 7, 2010] the writer reflects on a scene that might have come straight from the famous tales of the "Arabian Nights." The Arabian peninsula and allies must be poised to support an insurrection of mythical proportions, enough so that we must be warned of the coming Holy War, according to the writer.

Certainly this and other recent anti-Islam editorials must be attempts at political humor, for if it is to be taken seriously, who exactly is to be warned? Are we to arm ourselves? Is the writer advocating the profiling of all Muslims? or their expulsion from the land of the free and the home of the brave? Just how seriously does he believe that a state of war exists with all proponents of the Muslim faith? Exactly who is at war with whom?

I'd like to give the writer the benefit of the doubt on all of these "Arabian Nights" tales. He must have been swayed by that famous American thinker and political humorist, Glen Beck, who famously said, "Anyone who believes anything I say is an Idiot."