Thursday, May 13, 2010

DNR editor is the glassy eyed dreamer. He’ll take us to the promised land… um…

DNR editor is the glassy eyed dreamer. He’ll take us to the promised land… um…

This, as we hear about GOP senators meeting with the Oil Lobby to plot a strategy for more drilling, as we read about Gov. McDonnell signing another gun rights bill, (this one lets folks carry loaded weapons into bars and is legal if they don't shoot them, HUH?) and shills for Oil drilling off Virginia's coast. This, as Arizona loses millions of dollars and becomes the scorned state because of their racist immigration law, as Sarah Palin pronounces that the law of the land should stand on the "God of the Bible." 

Then we read that Tennesee and other states seek to follow Virginia's lead on Gun control and Florida and other states are following Arizona's lead on immigration. We find out that Goldman/Sachs is so big that they can sniff and puff and ignore Congressional oversight.  We read that the ENTIRE spill in the Gulf only costs BP about a week's worth of profit.  We weep as they write off all the damage as "collateral" or the "cost of doing business."  This (DNR) editor calls it the "march of industry" and reflects that the risk is worth it.

All this while the specter of the gulf spill right before hurricane season looms heavy over the gulf coast states.

The RightWing is pushing hard. They are pushing hard against the will of the country. They feel empowered, they feel it is their time. Please know that this writer views this as a turn towards Fascism as we increasingly become a Corporate Nation, where representation is bought and rights are only for the few and the chosen.

The Right seeks to purefy itself, then it turns its "salvation" army on the rest of us. They'd kill us to save us... I'd love to be proven wrong.

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