Sunday, February 21, 2010

George Will, Sober, Serious, and ... Wrong Again

George F. Will - Global warming advocates ignore the boulders -

George Will has certainly had his moment on the soapbox with the issue of Global Warming. He's at it again today in the WaPo exhorting his readers to be wary of the "religion" of global warming. He talks of the "Climate-Gate" as the ultimate proof of the foofery of liberals who believe that there is a problem. He excoriates the zealots who are concerned that Earth may be in crisis, and states starkly that
"The global warming industry, like Alexander in the famous children's story, is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Actually, a bad three months, which began Nov. 19 with the publication of e-mails indicating attempts by scientists to massage data and suppress dissent in order to strengthen "evidence" of global warming.
But there already supposedly was a broad, deep and unassailable consensus. Strange."
There you have it. Absolute truth and REAL common sense analysis based on the presence of zealots advocating the cause along with the presence of some strange email messages that no one understands but "pundits" can interpret them for us. Strange indeed! Mr. Will is a member of the sober and serious wise men who follow the workings of the smart guys in power who, (wink) really know what's going down, who have inside knowledge of the inner workings of power, and assures us with complete sincerity that the whole Global Warming issue is overblown and that everyone should just calm down. Mr. Will gets his real agenda into the debate by finally making what, for him, sounds strangely like a mea culpa.
"Global warming skeptics, too, have erred. They have said there has been no statistically significant warming for 10 years. Phil Jones, former director of Britain's Climatic Research Unit, source of the leaked documents, admits it has been 15 years. (not 10, an error serious enough to Mr. Will to  disprove the entire work of the CRU.) Small wonder that support for radical remedial action, sacrificing wealth and freedom (emphasis mine) to combat warming, is melting faster than the Himalayan glaciers that an IPCC report asserted, without serious scientific support, could disappear by 2035"
Sacrificing wealth and freedom can just wait 10 or 15 more years according to Mr. Will. Look, he found a scientist that admitted straight away that all the "Warmerists" are wrong! The trend is over 15 years!! Not a measly 10!! Mr. Serious Will needn't worry about giving up any "freedom or wealth" for a long time yet..... Let the cows fart! Doesn't matter. Lower the emission standards! (but keep prices high.... remember, we're building wealth here.... ) Doesn't matter!

Here's the very same Phil Jones, scientist, in the very same article quoted by Mr. Serious.
Question to Mr. Jones:
E - How confident are you that warming has taken place and that humans are mainly responsible?
"I'm 100% confident that the climate has warmed. As to the second question, I would go along with IPCC Chapter 9 - there's evidence that most of the warming since the 1950s is due to human activity."
Mr. Jones goes on to acknowledge the previously mentioned email psuedo scandal and agrees that steps must be taken to insure the credibility of the scientific reporting. Mr. Jones gave the sober serious answers, in his interview with the BBC, the very same interview cherry-picked quoted by Mr. Will.  Read the whole interview here.

Mr. Will's point is simply that Global Warming is simply not an issue because a) it's backers are believers in the "religion of Global Warming" and are liberals tree huggers who don't truly appreciate the power of "freedom and wealth" b) Scientists have been wrong before c) there is a special government envoy for Climate Change, so it must be bogus and d) Environmentalists use "specious science" , and deny "the absence of warming" proved by his selective reading of Mr. Jones' interview.

After reading these two articles, I'm pretty sure I know who the sober, serious writer is. It certainly isn't the pundit who knows the in's and out's of power in Washington.... Global Warming just isn't in the cards for the wealthy and powerful.

Interesting that Mr. Will never points to any scientific evidence supporting his own point of view. His only point is that the science is "specious."  That's wealth and freedom talking.....

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