Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rachel Maddow-Rachel Maddow confronts Tim Phillips (Part 1)

This past Thursday and Friday, Tim Phillips, Director of the Americans for Prosperity, appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show. It was an indication of his willingness to engage Rachel as a conservative and a partisan opponent of almost everything Rachel advocates. His group participates in the health care debate, but does so in a way that doesn't really reveal their true agenda or for whom they speak. Rachel nails him over and over, but Mr. Phillips remains confident and uncowed. This is the way he does business. It's intentional, deliberate, and is the WingNut World's view of how to play the game of politics and power. Watch these two videos. This is the clearest and most enlightening discussion you'll see concerning the differences between the "loyal" opposition and the supporters of true health care reform.

Of course Republicans and Conservatives have the right to advocate and be involved with the political process. The problem is that they keep secrets. They hide their ambitions, their true agenda, and instead of advocating a moral or reasonable policy, they offer an advertising campaign that "Sells" a policy that advocates for it's true "secret" agenda.

Mr. Phillips refused to say who he's working for. Mr. Obama hurt himself politically because he told us (leaked is the beltway speak) that he had cut a deal with Big Pharma. Mr. Phillips UNDERSTANDS the political damage that would ensue if his "grassroots" campaign was exposed to the same spotlight. It would become known immediately that he is simply shilling for the health care insurance industry and the Republican Party's national committee. In order to win politically, he must keep his real constituency, and his true agenda secret.

They keep secrets. They use advertising campaigns to "sell" policy positions. They convince the real grassroots to advocate AGAINST their own interest.

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