Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Once...Please?

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First a quote from today's Kos entry entitled: Saturday hate mail-apalooza

I just heard a bit of very disturbing news. It seems the Republican leadership in the House and Senate are secretly working on legislation that will force the US government to end all government run health care. If passed, the bill will require all Medicare seniors to move to private insurance within six months. Any citizen over 70 who is suffering from a terminal illness will be required to provide medical justification to determine if they will be eligible for private insurance coverage. The VA hospital system would have one year to shut their doors. Medicaid payments would cease within one year as well.

The American people need to be warned of this impending danger so they can contact their elected officials before it's too late. The Republicans in congress want to end all government run health care. Seniors and vets will suffer if they get their way.

Kos Reply: "Difference is, of course, that we're reality based. If we were like Republicans, we'd be forwarding this to everyone we knew."

Excellent point. Makes being in the reality based world harder and harder all the time..... Can't we just send out one pandering, false, conspiracy theory to frighten everyone?? Please??

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Anonymous said...

When you are the parent of a post-baccaulaureate young adult without a good job in a bad economy, and also have octogenarian parents who spend hours each week in the dr.'s office, you would be in favor of health care reform. Did all of the Republicans miss this stage of life?